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I’m A Small A Boy And Deserved A Pinch Not Hacking By An Axe, Malala Tells Mudavadi

Defiant Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala over the weekend criticized Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi over his impeachment from the party.

Speaking at a meeting at Masinde Muliro, the first time Senator said his injection from the party will not stop him from criticizing Mudavadi or pushing his ouster as the Mulembe Nation spokesperson.

The Kakamega added that his actions and association did not pose any threat to Mudavadi’s political dreams and urged his former party leader to reconsider the decision to dim his budding political ambitions.

“I’m not a threat to him nor his rival. If I wronged him as much. I’m a small a boy and deserved a pinch not hacking by an ax,” said Malala.

According to Malala, his expulsion from the party was because he read the resolution that replaced Mudavadi as the Luhya spokesman at the Kajiado meeting convened by Francis Atwoli in May.

From the Kajiado’s resolution, Devolution Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Kakamega Wycliffe Oparanya were jointly named as Luhya spokesmen.

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Last year, the Kakamega Senator challenged Mudavadi to expel him from the party, saying he would not contest such a decision. The Senator went ahead and claimed that he would face-off the party in a by-election.

Following his actions, Malala was suspended and the issues were forwarded to the party’s disciplinary committee, a decision accepted by the National Governing Council last week.


The NGC also carried forward the party Polly to 2013 and post opened the tenure of the current officials.

Malala’s recent sentiments were made at a meeting organized by CS Wamalwa and Oparanaya to rally the Kakamega elders of the council behind their cause.

The meeting was attended by ten out of 12 MPs, a meeting that was attended by Governors Sospeter Ojaamong, Wilber Otichillo, Oparanya, Wycliffe Wangamati, and three other lawmakers.

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