Home Relationships How money and sexual depravity led woman to sleep with pastor

How money and sexual depravity led woman to sleep with pastor

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A 55-year-old woman from Kakamega County has confessed that she made love to her local pastor because her husband was week in bed and she also needed financial favours from the pastor.

The incident has forced a section of Luhya elders to perform cleansing rituals on the woman identified as Jane Omwaga.

K24 Digital reports that the elders instructed the woman, Jane Omwaga, and her lover identified as Moses Olutatwa, 52, to offer a cow each, which would be used in the cleansing ceremony.

Jackson Makale, one of the elders, told K24 Digital that the act of offering a cow each, would shield the wrongdoers’ families against misfortunes such as mysterious ailments or even deaths.

According to witnesses, Jane’s husband, Josephat Omwaga, who works as a security guard at a local market, returned home unannounced and caught his wife in bed with Olutatwa, who is a pastor at the Solid Rock for Jesus Christ Church in Lurambi, where Jane fellowships.


During the resultant melee, the evangelist escaped on foot leaving behind his motorcycle and some of his clothes.

“The pastor came to my home at 5am and knocked on my door, I let him in. We storied for some time and, thereafter, got in bed. We got intimate, and while at it, I heard my husband knocking on the door. The pastor and I hopped out of bed. I, thereafter, opened the backdoor for him (Olutatwa) to escape. However, my husband managed to open the main door and got in before the pastor could get far. However, my lover managed to pass through a barbed wire fence as my husband chased him with a panga in his hands,” Jane told K24 Digital.

“The pastor had seduced me recently. He said he wanted me, both emotionally and sexually. And, because he had shown that he had my interest at heart — by offering me financial and emotional support — I decided to allow him have sex with me. It was the first time he and I were getting intimate,” said Jane, adding that: “My husband’s constant insecurity — that I was cheating on him — also pushed me to actually do it.” she added.


The woman’s husband, on his part, said he won’t forgive his wife of at least 20 years for cheating on him.

“Had I busted my wife having sex with the pastor in a sugarcane plantation or maize plantation, I would have forgiven her. However, she chose to disrespect me by bringing another man to our matrimonial bed, that is the highest level of disrespect, and I won’t tolerate it. I have made it clear to my spouse that I am divorcing her, and I would, thereafter, sell the parcel of land where our matrimonial home seats on, and relocate elsewhere,” said the heartbroken Mzee Omwaga.

Jane Omwaga, who has three children with her husband, has since returned to her parents’ home in Khwisero Constituency, Kakamega County.

Following the incident, local residents condemned the adulterous pair’s act, accusing the preacher of preying on vulnerable married women.


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