DP William Ruto;My Daughter Refused To Greet Me (Video)

At the Madaraka celebration, State House DP William Ruto revealed to the public that his younger daughter refused to shake his hands before he would sanitize his hands.

While talking about how coronavirus has changed today’s normalcy, DP Ruto reflected an occasion when his daughter couldn’t greet him for the fear of contracting Covid-19.

“I remember the other day when I went back home working from the office at the residence, and inadvertently stretched my hands to my young daughter to greet her, she refused and pointed the sanitizer for me. That is how abnormal things are today,” DP Ruto said.

Left President Uhuru and Right DP Ruto during Madaraka Celebration at State House.

While addressing the nation, DP Ruto acknowledged the sacrifices Kenyans put to have the most important things in life – “making decisions for ourselves and to chat our destiny.”

According to Ruto, the journey Kenya has made for 57 years since independence has been met with various challenges and tough decisions but no government has experienced the kind of challenge COVID-19 has brought to the current government.


“Today this celebration is unique. It has never happened like this. Today our schools are closed, our places of worship are shut, millions of Kenyans have to leave work, business affected and our lives as a nation and global community are upside down,” Ruto said.

In his speech, Ruto praised Kenyans of their unprecedented response to the measures put by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

He assured the president that all Kenyans were part of the big army in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Ruto was confident that the government under the leadership of President Uhuru will take necessary measures to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

He also called upon all leaders across the political divide together with Kenyans as a whole to work with the government in the fight against coronavirus.

Video Courtesy Of Citizen TV

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