England Reopens Markets And Some Schools as Lockdown Eases

English schools to reopen for the first time on Monday since they were shut down by the government for ten weeks ago because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The move to open schools come amid fears by the parents that their children might contract the disease and they feel the move by the minister is too quick

The ease of the strict measures that were imposed by the government will mean that classes will resume for some younger children, social-gathering will only be allowed for a maximum of six people, outdoor markets to open, professional sports to resume but without spectators and about 2 million of the most valuable people to be allowed to spend time outdoors.

UK Minister for Business Alok Sharma

With Britain still recording high rates from Covid-19, most citizens are worried that the move has come too soon. Scientists too are of the idea that the idea of opening the economy is too soon and it would lead to a second spike in infections.


“The overall view from SAGE – the scientific advisory group on emergencies which advises the government- their overall view is that we must do this cautiously and that is precisely what we are doing,” Minister Alok Sharma told BBC TV.

according to Sharma, the government was taking a cautious step and acknowledged how sensitive the situation was.

The British government has been battling with how to restart the economy a step that has been frustrated by lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to the research done by the National Foundation Research, 46% of parents would wish to keep their children at home because of concerns, fears told by some health officials.

Britain has recorded over 38,000 deaths from coronavirus but the Office of National Statistics suggests that the number of confirmed cases to be at 48,000.


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