DJ Evolve’s Mother: The Exact Cause Of Her Sudden Death Revealed

Postmortem results conducted by chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor have revealed the exact thing that led to the sudden death of DJ Evolve’s mother.

Apparently, the family while sharing the postmortem results revealed that Dj Evolve’s mother died of Aneurysm (artery burst)

“DJ EVOLVE’S MUM DIED OF ANEURYSM(Artery bursted)AS PER THE POSTMORTEM RESULT. The family of Dj Evolve explains what killed their mother after the postmortem was conducted by the Government Parthologist DR.JOHANSEN ODUOR.May her soul Rest

In Peace.” Wrote Babu Owino.

According to reports, DJ Evolve’s mother died at a health facility on Wednesday evening where she was being treated.

Sources familiar with the incident further revealed that the mother developed breathing complications which made her collapse and die instantly.

The mother’s death comes at a time when DJ Evolve who used to work at upmarket B-Club Kilimani has been nursing gunshot wounds after he was shot by the Embakasi member of parliament.

It is important to note that no one knew DJ Evolve in Kenya until he was involved in the nightclub melee with the Embakasi legislator.

Prior to his mothers death, there were rumors that the DJ had died, allegations which the father vehemently dismissed.

John Orinda rubbished those reports as he spoke to Word Is where he maintained that the son was recovering at the brother’s home.

“He is doing fine. The device that was put on his throat is still there, he is not talking yet,” he said

“I have been called by another journalist asking about the same. Whoever is spreading that information is not a good person.

“A person who can proclaim death on someone alive? What kind of a person is that?

It is not good at all. I have called my son, who stays with him, and he is doing fine,” added John Orinda.

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