Customers Scramble At Carrefour Supermarket To Buy Cooking Oil At Half The Normal Price(Video)

The hard economic times have really hit hard on Kenyans and this can be proven by a viral clip of customers scrambling at Carrefour Supermarket not to miss out on free offers.

Through its social media handles, Carrefour announced that they would be having an amazing offer on 5 litres top fry cooking oil.

The supermarket said that the oil would be retailing at Ksh630 way below the usual price which is Kshs1261.

“Stay on top of your cooking at a lower cost. Get Top Fry Cooking Oil at an unstoppable price today, all My Club members get a bigger discount,” Carrefour said.

A video that has surfaced online show the scramble that ensued at Carrefour’s Two Rivers Mall in the outskirts of Nairobi.

“It happened yesterday at Carrefour Two Rivers Mall. The price had been slashed by half, selling at KSh 630 from KSh 1,261,” a source said.

Within a blink of an eye, customers had emptied the shelves as they picked as many Jerrycans of oil as they could.

The video has since elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans in social media as others raise concerns on the safety of the product.

“Someone just took 5 containers. They’ve spent 3150/- to save 630/- Okay you will say you won’t buy cooking oil again for some time. When something you don’t need is on offer and you buy it, you haven’t saved. You’ve spent money you didn’t need to! No one tells you!” Kibet said on Twitter.

“The consumer price index of this product is 49.9% ,the questions we not asking is this product rose price as a result of either demand pull inflation type, increased cost of production, or policies and regulations. Does it then mean these factors have been corrected? If not!,” Ougo Nyanjeri said.

Raha Vlamir said, “Haki nakumbuka kuna several containers which had food stuffs got lost in Mombasa CFS’s. I hope its not what am thinking,.”

While another one stated, “@StateHouseKenya please watch this video and see how kenyans are poor how kenyans are suffering with basic needs basically right now 40% of kenyans are sleeping without food personally i cant even afford 2 meals a day n am asking where is the taxpayer money is going @NationAfrica.”

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