Curfew Celebrations Come To A Bitter End As Bars Are To Be Closed By 7PM

For drunkards, the celebrations following the lifting of curfew has come to a bitter end after the latest directive by the National Police service that bars are supposed to be closed by 7pm.

According to the NPS, the president only lifted the curfew but the enforcement of Covid measures such as early closure of bars is here to stay.

“Following the vacation of the COVID associated curfew by H.E the President during MASHUJAA Day speech, existing measures on closure of bars by 7.00pm remain in place for now. Enforcement of violation of this measure to continue.” Announced the National Police Service this evening.

Consequently, below is how a number of Kenyans reacted after the latest decision by the police:

“Dear Kenya Police National Police Service. Since you have announced that bars are closing at 7pm, and now the President has lifted the curfew, should I buy alcohol and drink it on the road side till 2am with a few friends of mine, will you be ok with that or my boys will be clobbered sawasawa by the police? Just thinking aloud!” Shared one Abraham Mutai.

“Curfew lifting unconditionally means everything that was prohibited earlier is now legal unconditionally. Otherwise the president would have specified. National Police Service follow the correct orders. Stop oppressing the citizens.”

“All KDA ( Kenya Drunkards Association) we shall be having a press briefing tomorrow.. Agenda ..No drinking in the bar as from 7pm we will be erecting tents in the fields to perform our duties..”

“You don’t have such power invested in you. You don’t make laws. You only enforce. Secondly no law siting bars to be closed by 7 pm… That was only president’s directive and has withdrawn it… Always consult your legal team.”

“I knew very well that these set of people were going to misinterpret the president’s directive. I need more students in my lecture hall😃😃”

“You are still looking looking for opportunities to get bribes. Curfew was lifted without conditions, acheni kutesa wakenya.”

“I hoped to see something better but this has got me.Its either we the citizen hatuelewi kizungu or the police have there own directives.”

“The administrator of this page is already drunk. Fellow drunkards ignore this directive and “beat” sherehe as directed by the head of state.”

“Ignore this post .President said curfew is lifted . Now police are clarifying & elaborating president’s words !! Very wrong.”

“Mkwende bana! You guys will always jump at the slightest opportunity to oppress fellow citizens. We know your playbook. You’ll go around extorting bar owners whose businesses have been impacted by Covid-19 for a whole year. I wish you guys knew the bad things that people wish you guys when you extort money from them. No wonder most Kenyans never sympathise with you guys whenever something bad happens. Go deal with criminals in the neighbourhoods and let law-abiding citizens be. THAT’S YOUR DAMN JOB.”

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