Sex Workers Bring Major Towns To A Standstill After Uhuru Lifts Curfew

Sex workers in the country are a happy lot after president Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday lifted the night to dawn curfew on mashujaa day.

According to three sex workers who spoke to Sonko News on condition of anonymity, the latest decision by the head of state came as a reprieve to them since it made the night business unattractive.

Some even confessed that they had to go back home as early as 9pm, something which made them lose thousands of shillings compared to those days when they were allowed to operate until morning.

“Personally i am very happy that Uhunye has considered us by doing away with that thing called curfew. Honestly some of us are out here to make a living and the 10 to 4am curfew was really taking a toll on us.” Said one lady.

“The thought of leaving home earlier before darkness to beat the 10 pm curfew was stressful as it interfered with our privacy. It reached a point i could be in town by 6pm just to look for potential customers but all was never well. The worst part was some clients bargaining to pay the lowest amount since they knew we were desperate to beat the curfew and take something home.” Said another sex worker as quoted by a local daily.

“Niko na furaha sana infact rais Uhuru ndio shujaa wetu kwa sababu ametuongeza muda ya biashara. Sasa hivi hatutakuwa na haraka ya kuenda nyumbani na nina hakika tutatengeneza pesa mzuri. Asante sana Uhuru.”

As a result, Sonko News reporters from major towns across the country can authoritatively report that sex workers are already in these towns following the news by president Uhuru to do away with curfew.

The curfew was imposed as a containment measure in the spread of corona virus in March 27 last year, days after the first case of corona was confirmed in the country.

Since then, Kenyans have had to restrict themselves and forgore a number of things such as night travels just to adhere to the government directive.

President Kenyatta announced the lift on curfew during Mashujaa Day celebrations at Wang’uru stadium in Kirinyaga county.

“By the authority vested in me as president, I hereby order and direct that the nationwide dusk to dawn curfew that has been in effect from 27th of March 2020 be and is hereby vacated with immediate effect,” President Kenyatta said.

In the meantime, below is how different Kenyans reacted after President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the curfew:

“Si mambo na #Curfew na Sherehe tu,….Ahsante sana Baba and President Uhuru Kenyatta for addressing this request from Nzoia Sugarcane farmers. We now get 1.5B to pay farmers debts and for maintenance of the machinery at our factories. Kazi yangu ni kuongelea wale hawaezi fikia mic.#Inawezekana. Wrote ODM Secretary general Edwin Sifuna.

“Great news! Nationwide curfew has been lifted! Thank you Mr President for listening to the pleas of many hardworking Kenyans including myself. This is a good step towards opening up the economy & giving a lifeline to the businesses/sectors that have suffered during this period.” Noted ACN leader Musalia Mudavadi.

“Get the feelings of police about it, they must really be upset now.Mask is the only revenue collecting thing they have now!”


“With immediate effect,the night runners have carried out meetings to celebrate president uhuru Kenyatta.”

“Curfew mighty load and burden lifted off Kenyans back. A Fitting. mashujaa relief to 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪”

“The news should be : police lose revenue as no more cash bribes to be collected, now left with masks bribes only!”

“The best thing he has ever done! Set us free! In any case curfew caused more harm than good! Kenyan people lost lives and livelihood.”

“It’s long overdue.The economy, the people are all grateful for this great moment when we finally bid farewell for one of the most darkest moments in our history.Go away you monster and may you never be part of our history again.”

“The best speech ever by our president, we’re free to continue hustling 24/7, Kudos Mr president.”

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