“Yote Yawezekana Bila Waiguru” Kirinyaga Residents Sing Anti-Waiguru Song

Defecting to UDA did little to help Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru win the support of the electorates, it appears residents are determined to sent her packing come 2022.

Waiguru and her team of MCAs from Kirinyiga met Ruto in a closed door meeting at his official Karen Residence on October 26th before she publicly announced her defection.

The Kirinyaga governor had earlier indicated that she would ditch President Uhuru Kenyatta’s camp and join Ruto’s “hustler nation movement”.

She had promised to carry out consultations with her supporters before making the announcement.

Waiguru made the suggestion on September 22nd while addressing residents in Thiba area, Mwea Constituency.

The Kirinyaga governor asked the crowd twice which party ticket should she seek re-election on and they unanimously chanted UDA.

“Mtanirusidha 2022 kama governor wa Kirinyaga?… Mliskia nikisema mimi naskiza watu wa Kirinyaga? Nilisema nitafanya vile watu wa Kirinyaga wanasema. Kwa sababu mumesema mutanirudisha, mnataka nikuje na chama gani huku Kirinyaga? Nikuje na chama gani? posed Waiguru as the crowd chanted UDA.

However, Waiguru didn’t say whether she would join UDA. She indicated that she would make the decision depending on the party’s popularity in the area.

The Kirinyaga governor ultimately joined UDA hoping her move would quell voters’ disquiet about re-electing her for a second term in office.

However, Waiguru’s defection to UDA has done little to help boost her chances of being re-elected in 2022 general election.

The Kirinyaga governor has had a tough time with residents in her county as she faces stiff competition from her fiercest rival Woman Rep Wangui Ngiciri.

Recent video trending on social media shows a huge crowd of Kirinyaga residents singing anti-Waiguru song as they danced happily.

“Yote yawezekana bila Waiguru (All is possible without Waiguru)” the crowd sung.

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