Willis Raburu has nothing to say about his alleged sidechick

Willis Raburu has been the talk of the town for days now especially after the news of breaking up with his lawfully wedded wife, Marya Prude hit the internet.

The savage Kenyans on Twitter dug deep to find out the alleged woman that Willis apparently left his wife over for which impressed them.

Kenyans On Twitter agreed with his choice of a woman that he went for apparently.

Raburu didn’t get or receive any shade from Kenyans online(who are usually thorough trolls) over the girl that he allegedly left his wife over. Most of them applauded him for “upgrading” with memes flooding Twitter timelines for days.

As it turns out, the beautiful African woman in question isn’t even Ugandan as the internet purported, she’s Rwandese and doesn’t know anyone who goes by the name of Willis, leave alone Willis Raburu and she’s offended the internet is using her photos to spread malice and uncouth truth about her being a homewrecker.

“I am crying right now everybody is sending me that,” the alleged side chick said as shared by Edgar Obare, “I don’t even know the guy. Like how can people just bad mouth somebody they never even met”

Sonko News tried to reach out to Willis Raburu for comment over the allegations of the woman who allegedly is his side chick.

Willis Raburu blue ticked us.

Below are the photos of the woman who broke the internet having people believe she was Willis Raburu’s new flame.

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