Kirinyaga governor Waiguru and PS Kibicho battle for county supremacy

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and Interior PS Karanja Kibicho’s supremacy battle is waging on, following the PS’ development tour of projects in the county.

In a press statement seen by, she stated that she had asked the President for funds to upgrade Wanguru Stadium.

“I gave them the approval to start the construction works, even the tarmacking of the access roads was as a result of my conversation with Uhuru,” she spoke to the media.

Karanja Kibicho
Karanja Kibicho

The governor explained that since she was not available for the inspection tour, people turned her absence into an opportunity for political mileage.

“When the stadium is complete they will have to hand it over to me because it belongs to the county government,” she added.

The supremacy war had taken a personal turn during PS Kibicho’s visit when some residents asked him to help payback Governor Waiguru’s dowry.

“We are firmly behind you PS. Please save us before all our resources are finished and also pass by Murang’a and tell Governor Mwangi wa Iria to come and collect the goats his people left here, we don’t want them,” one of the residents complained prompting Kibicho to burst out into laughter.

Ann Waiguru
Anne Waiguru

The relationship between them has been rocky, with beliefs that PS Kibicho may be eyeing Waiguru’s job in 2022, a matter that he has refuted.

“Is PS Kibicho now superior to the President? If he wants to engage in village politics and insults, he should resign and join others in early campaigning,” she dared him in March 2020.

Waiguru has also called upon the Jubilee Party to whip Kirinyaga MCAs into supporting the County Government’s development agenda.


She appealed to Members of the County Assembly to consider budgets presented by the County Government in order to enable the executive to implement various development projects for the benefit of the public.

She cited the removal of county road equipment fuel budget by the MCAs saying it would adversely affect ongoing road rehabilitation projects that needed to be accelerated.

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