How did you know?! Uhuru quizzes Nation Editor who spoke about his grandson

How did you know?! Uhuru quizzes Nation Editor who spoke about his grandson

Uhuru Kenyatta speaking

Uhuru Kenyatta reacted to the birth of his latest grandchild in an interview with Nation Media Group (NMG) Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu, scheduled to air on NTV on Sunday, May 31.

The one on one interview was conducted at State House, Nairobi, days after the President’s first-born son Jomo and his wife Fiona reportedly welcomed a baby boy named Uhuru after his grandfather.

As he started the interview, Mathiu acknowledged that he was not sure if it was in order or not for him to congratulate the President on the birth of his grandchild.

Uhuru Kenyatta with his wife and children
Uhuru Kenyatta with his wife and children

With details of the birth having been kept a closely guarded secret by the family, Uhuru questioned how Mathiu found out about it.
“Mr. President I’m a Nation editor, it’s my business to know. I should start by congratulating you. I know you must be very happy about it,” the veteran journalist responded when asked how he knew of the birth.

Seemingly serious at first, Uhuru then dropped his guard and revealed his joy and excitement as he welcomed the newborn into the world.
“Thank you. I’m happy and very excited,” the President revealed, with baby Uhuru his second grandchild after Jomo and Fiona welcomed a baby girl in 2017.

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The baby girl, Wanjiru, born at the Aga Khan Hospital was named after her grandmother, First lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Mathiu’s exclusive interview with Uhuru saw the President address various issues including the country’s Covid-19 response and his plan to unite the country through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Mathiu disclosed that the interview was supposed to be undertaken by veteran broadcaster Joseph Warungu, and it was only decided that he would do it at the last minute.

Uhuru Kenyatta with his mother

Coming against the backdrop of changes in the leadership of the Majority side in the Senate, Uhuru maintained that he had little time left before the end of his term and needed to bring in people aligned with his vision.

With allies of Deputy President William Ruto targeted for removal, Uhuru sent what appeared to be a subliminal message when he cautioned leaders not to let their ambitions cloud their present work.

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