Breaking! New Uhuru executive order cuts DP Ruto's powers

Breaking! New Uhuru executive order cuts DP Ruto’s powers

William Ruto with Uhuru Kenyatta in the past

Jubilee Party changes aren’t stopping anytime soon after Uhuru Kenyatta made changes in the organisation of the government in Executive Order 1 of 2020. According to the document, the top seat has changed from The Presidency to The Executive Office of The President.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir explained that the simple change had far-reaching consequences in a now unavailable tweet;

“In the new Executive Order, President Uhuru Kenyatta changes his office from ‘Presidency’ to ‘President’

“This innocent looking nomenclature change has huge legal implications. President denotes singularity of powe. Remember that the Presidency is shared power,” he published on Twitter.

“Executive order by President Uhuru Kenyatta has abolished the Presidency and instead put the office of the Deputy President under the office of the president. This means DP Ruto will no longer have powers to hire or fire staff; a duty now designated to the head of public service,” Odeo Sirari Tweeted.

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