Sossion Dumps Raila For Ruto After Denying Severally

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Nominated Member of parliament Wilson Sossion has dumped Raila and joined William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

While announcing his support for DP Ruto, Sossion heaped praises at the bottom up economic model as the magic that will drive change in our country.

According to the former Kenya National Union Of Teachers Secretary general, the bottom up model is not only pro common man but is also an agenda of equality.

“The bottom up model in the whole world is pro common man and is an agenda of equality and prosperity of the common man. Therefore your excellency, the choice of this agenda, this model, i can count you as one of the few brave African leaders to follow that route.

“I am saying so from the labor wall because if you go to the United States, all the labor unions have a democratic party because such a party will always talk of bottom up, middle out economic models because in those economies, the rich elites have everything and they have put burden on the common man.

Sossion added that the looming general election will be based on who can save the dwindling economy, expressing confidence that he has influence on the workers since they respect him a lot.

“And the 2022 general elections will not be about politics but about the economic recovery of our nation for everyone. And we workers, btw i am respected by these workers, we are with you 100 % to ensure that you are elected as the president of this nation.

As a result, he urged William Ruto to be a record breaker as the fifth president by setting an agenda that will never be broken by anybody in terms of enhancing the economy.

“The way Kibaki did within 100 days in office, he gave free education and issued CDF together with small enterprises like bodaboda and a good constitution. Your excellency, we want to believe that you will be a record breaker as the fifth president of the republic of Kenya, you will set an agenda that will never be broken by anybody in terms of improving the economy.” Continued Sossion.

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