Sonko Goes After Writer Who Dragged President Kenyatta In His Recent Exposes

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has offered a reward of Kshs300, 000 to anyone who will provide information on a blogger who wrote false information about his recent exposes.

Through a tweet, Sonko accused the writer of dragging president Kenyatta into the matter in order to divert the attention of his judicial exposes.

“REWARD OF KSHS. 300,000/=. Some characters are taking advantage of my exposé on the rot in the Kenyan Judiciary to divert attention by involving His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta in this. Please note I have no recordings against the President and I respect and support him in this,” Sonko wrote.

The former governor promised another Kshs300, 000 for information about the administrator or owner of the website.

“Which should not be the case. I’m also offering a reward of kshs 300,000/= to anyone who will assist me with information leading to the arrest of of the owner/admin of the blog. I repeat through the DCI, EACC, JSC & DPP, I am going to assist His Excellency the President in this,” Sonko said.

“Fight. I shall not be cowed and I will continue to expose the rot in the Kenyan Judiciary,” he added.

The article is question claimed that Sonko was planning to release an audio recording of president Uhuru Kenyatta in his series of exposes. The article has since been deleted.

“Blow to Uhuru as Sonko says he has his recording, hints on when he will release it” the title of the article read.

Sonko has become a subject of discussion because of his exposes dubbed Sonko Leaks which started off by exposing judge Said Juma Chitembwe for engaging in corruption.

In an interview with KTN, Sonko revealed that he began his habit of recording conversations to fight cartels and crooks that had deepened roots in the government he inherited.

“It’s all worth it. I only record crooks and cartels. If you are my friend, you have nothing to be afraid of. But if you come to me with plans of stealing, I will expose you to everyone,” Sonko said.

“I haven’t always been recording people. When I became governor, I inherited a city that was known for corruption and sleaze. I had people come into my office, calling me trying to broker deals that would steal from the city. That is why I started recording people and exposing them. Soon, they were afraid of me and kept off stealing from the public,” he added.

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