My own son was in quarantine-CS Kagwe reveals Covid-19 toll on his family

Mutahi Kagwe who is the Cabinet Secretary for Health keeps a lot of aspects of his family/private life on the down-low. The Health CS is a man who presents a professional demeanour whenever he is seen in the public sphere but beneath facade lies a family man who is experiencing some of the tough times Kenyans  are going through in this time of Covid-19.

Today morning, Mr. Kagwe dropped a bombshell to the press when he revealed little known details about how his family was affected by Covid-19 measures.


The CS divulged this on an interview with Citizen TV, with Mr. Kagwe noting that his own son had to be placed in quarantine in adherence to preventive protocols in the country.

He outlined that at the time his son had just returned to the country from abroad, therefore, he placed himself in self-quarantine.

“My son was in self-quarantine in my house, we were actually talking through the door. My niece was in quarantine at a hotel because she came back after the mandatory quarantine order was imposed.”

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“I remember during one of the pressers someone asked that ‘I hear some people are being forced to go to mandatory quarantine and others are not’ and of course I knew what they were talking about, but my niece was in quarantine and she stayed there for 21 days,” CS Kagwe narrated.

He added that it was a hard time for him having his own son stay in quarantine for 14 days but he was forced to. That wasn’t the only family member that had been affected by the Covid-19 measures.


He explained that his own mother had been unable to go back to her home due to the cessation of movement order in Nairobi.

“You know even my own mother has been affected by this, she has been in Nairobi since the ban and she normally tells me that I’m the one who made her not be able to move.

“When you see that and you see people trying to beat the system that is even affecting you at a personal level it can get pretty frustrating at times especially when you know that the next that will happen when this person goes out of Nairobi is the cases will rise,” he explained.

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