Patrick Amoth-By September we'll have 200 cases of Covid-19 per day

Patrick Amoth-By September we’ll have 200 cases of Covid-19 per day

Patrick Amoth

Patrick Amoth, the Ministry of Health Director-General on Thursday announced that Kenya could reach peak infections for Coronavirus between August and September this year.

The DG explained that according to model predictions, the number of infections per day will have soared to 200.

“We project now that our peak will be around August-September in which case we will be reporting about 200 plus cases per day, that is, if we continue with the measures and interventions that we have put in place to date.

“Remember modelling keeps on changing depending on the variables you input and our wish is to continue with the measures that we’ve put in place which have helped us have a smoother curve, therefore, our health system has not been overrun,” he explained.

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