Are Ringtone and Azziad dating? Leaked images reveal intimate connection

Ringtone is one man who knows how to court controversy. The gospel musician knows how to raise a storm and looks like he revels in it. Funny thing is that the fuss he normally creates doesn’t seem to stick just like fellow singer, Bahati.

Ringtone posing
Ringtone posing

This article is about new images that I have in my possession that have me raising my eyebrows? In the photos, Ringtone and Tik-Tok sensation Azziad can be seen in very intimate poses. The photos show the two smiling and laughing like old buddies or lovers.

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

Has the singer finally found his soul-mate after praying for one for such a long time? The musician, when called by a local entertainment site described Azziad in the most glorious of terms saying,

“I think that Azziad is a very beautiful lady. She is very smart and very intelligent. When I see her I am shocked at the amount of shade that Kenyans have been throwing her way.”

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

He added,

“But I like her indomitable spirit and she hasn’t given up. She wakes up, she does her thing, without being affected. She is very inspirational.”

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His praise didn’t end there. Ringtone espoused what a wonderful partner she would make for a lucky man.

“When have you ever seen such a beautiful Luyha woman? This is a woman that you take to Western or to Kisii the men there are awe-struck.”

Ringtone with Azziad

“And not only that she has morals. It will be a blessing for any man to have her. Any man who will have her, i will be a blessing.”

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