Past Cheating Habits By Esther Passaris That Makes Her Fear Sonko’s Expose

If there is one woman who is worried by Mike Sonko’s expose then it is Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris following her past cheating habits.

Recently, Mike Sonko exposed a video of his communication with Esther Passaris who was wooing him with forced love.

In the video, Esther Passaris had asked money from Mike Sonko allegedly to sponsor Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) activities. In the same video, Esther Passaris openly expressed her love for governor Sonko.

As a result, Esther Passaris now wants the Director of Criminal Investigations to block all the social media platforms of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

“That kind of violence and violation of a woman is wrong by every standard and I call on the DCI to take action against him because as a country, you can block someone who abuses women on social media platforms,” she said.

Sonko recently leaked videos involving various individuals including Justice Said Chitembwe in alleged corrupt dealings, with one woman being exposed in a compromising situation.

Merry Nkatha, the lady behind the expose of Nairobi governor Ann Kananu and other prominent figures in the judiciary even treated Mike Sonko to a steamy nude session.

Mike Sponko had shared a video call with Merry Nkatha to prove that he never forced her to give him information implicating governor Ann Kananu.

In the video, Merry Nkatha not only gave Sonko information willingly but also proposed to show him her nudity. She without any shame revealed her boobs in the video call as will be shown in a video at the end of this post

Merry Nkatha had on Monday claimed that she fears for her life in the midst of the ongoing war between former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Merry Nkatha revealed that Sonko and his people are planning to harm her for refusing to cooperate with them. As a result, she reported the issue to the Karen police station citing fear for her life.

According to her, Mike Sonko has been pushing her to accept to be a key witness in two cases against Justice Chitembwe and Nairobi governor Ann Kananu.

However, Sonko responded to the issue about his tendency to record people and post them on social media, the former governor insisted that he only does that on cartels and not his friends.

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