Moses Kuria Rejects Ruto, Says They Are Selling Mt. Kenya Voters To Highest Bidder

Gatundu member of parliament Moses Kuria has made it clear that deputy president William Samoei Ruto will not get easy support from Mt. Kenya as he thought.

According to Moses Kuria, nobody would get the Mt. Kenya support for free and they are even ready to sell the same to the highest bidder, insisting that they must get the best for their region.

Kuria further reiterated his earlier sentiments to the deputy president Ruto that he should not expect them to join his newly formed United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

The Gatundu member of parliament also stated that whoever does not want their support without joining a specific political party should spare them the drama and look for votes elsewhere.

“We have no shame and we don’t hide that we are focused towards uniting our region. Politics is important since things like national taxes are controlled by politicians as opposed to church leaders.

“The route we have taken got nothing to do with politics with regards to which side of the political divide you come from. If you feel you cannot join us because we are allied to either Tangatanga or Deep state then you can walk away.

“In fact the more we are accused by all those sides it shows that we are on the right trajectory. But if you feel you cant join us, please desist from throwing words at us like the Nyeri woman rep who has been claiming that we want to sell Mt. Kenya to the highest bidder.

“I say Yes! Nobody is going to take this region for free so you are right. We are selling it to the highest bidder because we must get what is best for this region. Let no one tell us that we must first join your party to support you. If you don’t want our support then that is your own problem because we can’t support you by force. We are not spectators to just clap for others .” Said Moses Kuria.

The sentiments were further affirmed by Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua who maintained that they are determined to consolidate their voices as the Mt. Kenya region in a bid to speak with one voice.

“To expand and reinforce our unity of purpose, which i must emphasize irrespective of political affiliation. We are here to consolidate our voice or the voice of the Mountain so that we be able to chat the way forward in the next dispensation. Today has been a consultative meeting to broaden the unity and this will be an ongoing thing. The doors remain open to others.” Read Martha Karua in a statement.

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