Moi’s close confidant leaves him for Ruto’s camp

Everything is not alright at Gideon Moi’s camp after one of his close and most trusted confidants left him to go to Deputy President’s camp, William Ruto.

Right now is not the best time of close confidants to switch sides, not when the general elections is right around the corner in 2022 where Gideon wants to be the next President.

Emurua Dikirr’s Johanna Ng’eno, dumped Gideon Moi for Deputy President William Ruto and launched a scathing attack against the KANU Party leader.

Ng’eno took issue with Gideon, accusing him of joining the Building Bridges Initiative bandwagon to build his profile without consulting elected leaders.

Ng’eno declared publicly that moving forward, he will support Deputy President William Ruto, noting that the mantle of leadership will head to Rift Valley through DP Ruto.

“People like Salat are questioning my loyalty to the party. But just like me, they are employees of the party. I also have a position in KANU as an elected leader. I also have a right like anyone else to ask a question.” Ng’eno said.

“So nobody should intimidate me for questioning the party leadership. You are questioning me as who? You are the Kanu chairman, so what?” Mr. Ng’eno disclosed.

Ngeno’s decision attracted the wrath of Tiaty MP, William Kamket, who urged him to respect KANU, failure to which he would be kicked out.

“He is biting the hand that feeds him, which is uncouth and barbaric. If he continues to misbehave we shall come for our seat,” warned Mr Kamket.

Among those who have expressed interest in joining the DP Ruto’s bandwagon is West Pokot Governor, John Lonyangapuo.

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