Mike Sonko Speaks On His 2022 General Elections Plans

Mike Mbuvi Sonko claims that he does not regret being kicked out of office as Nairobi governor in December last year.

In an interview with KTN News, the former governor said that he is grateful for what he has achieved politically.

“I am from a humble background. I don’t regret anything. I am grateful for what I have achieved politically, “he said. 

Sonko also said that he did not have any interests in the 2022 general elections and that he is currently focusing on his life.

“I am currently handling my life. I will continue to deal with my situation. I will still continue to serve Kenya in my capacity, ” Sonko said. 

The former governor went ahead to accuse some of Jubilee leaders of betraying him including the chair David Murathe and George Kariuki.

He claimed that the two incited him into defying president Uhuru Kenyatta and at the same time went to report him for being adamant.

“The same people who told me President anatuzoea sana, usisign hii kitu(pesa), vuruga yeye kidogo went to State House through our friends akina Murathe, George Kariuki kusema hii shetani imekataa kusign hii kitu: then the President says toa yeye,” he said.

He further claimed that he was misled into giving his powers as the governor to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS)

“I was misled by the President’s people. I was not given a chance to go through the whole agreement,” the former governor said.

He faulted NMS director General Badi for sidelining him after taking over his managerial roles.

“The problem with Mbadi was somehow personal. He started taking officials cars, deployed soldiers everywhere. He was using power everywhere,” Sonko explained. 

Sonko accused Badi of taking over his responsibility without his knowledge.

“When I was transferring roles to the NMS, I wasn’t told I was transferring power to some General,” he said.

Sonko has been recently trending after exposing leaders for engaging in corruption especially in the judiciary in what he calls Sonko leaks.

The court however barred him from making further exposes but he has vowed to continue exposing the leaders in what he terms his way of fighting corruption.

“Kenya is bigger than everybody else, we have to fix this country; the Judiciary, people need to know what is happening. Fighting cartels has always been in my blood. I am just fighting justice for over 40 plus million Kenyans,” Sonko stated.

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