Raila says on his long time friend-Magufuli does not pick my calls

Raila Odinga, ODM Leader has opened up on his attempts to speak to Tanzania’s President John Magufuli who has been criticized over lax measures against the coronavirus global pandemic.

Odinga, who is a longtime family friend of President Magufuli, confessed that he had been unable to talk to the Tanzanian President because he does not his pick calls.

John Magufuli
John Magufuli

The AU High Representative for Infrastructure said he had, however, sent voicemail messages to Magufuli’s phone – advising the Tanzanian Leader to collaborate with regional leaders in the fight against Covid19.

“As nationalist, he needs to get information from fellow regional leaders… This is a regional issue. Our destiny is tied together. We do not want a situation where any of these countries will have to close their borders. That is why dialogue is the most important thing,” Odinga told the BBC.

Magufuli with Raila and Uhuru in the past
Magufuli with Raila and Uhuru in the past

Tanzania is seen as a vulnerable target for Covid19 due to the lax safety measures that President Magufuli has taken regarding social distancing and testing.

The Tanzanian leader has declined to ban church and mosque gathering saying the virus could not survive in a holy place of worship.

John Magufuli
John Magufuli

He has also accused Tanzanian scientists of faking the high positive results. His complain has seen Tanzania cease regular updates on the Covid19 numbers with the last results coming out on April 29th.

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