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I’m not the one who hurt you – Angry Lillian Muli blasts fan over community husband remarks


Lillian Muli, the Citizen TV anchor has blasted a fan who said that her Kisii community husband had turned her into a psycho.

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In a post seen by Sonkonews, the fan identified as Makori Malema commented on the news anchor’s post saying, “Indeed our Kisii Community Husband Made you a psycho lol.”

Ms. Muli who could not stomach the demeaning words said she is not the one who hurt the fan, as she dared him to go say the same words to her face.


She went on to state that she hates mean people, as she wondered why someone would say such words on a post, where she is wishing her friend a happy birthday.

“So I usually delete such crap and move on! But let me make this sissy famous! Excuse me Toad come and say this to my face idiot! I hate spite and i hate mean people. Sorry bro i’m not the one who hurt you. FOH piece of crap! How the F is this in any way something you should post coz i wished my friend a Happy Birthday. I think i should buy you a bra coz clearly you have zero testosterone,” said the Citizen TV journalist.


Burale birthday post

The fan had commented Lillian’s post wishing City preacher Robert Burale a happy birthday as he turns a year older.
“@burale1 Where do i begin my Darling friend. There is so much i want to say to you. Thankyou for never giving up on me. You always know when something is wrong with me and even on my moody days when you call and i don’t pick up you never give up on me. You have prayed with and for me for the longest time. You know my deepest secrets. For the longest time people said you and I would be good together but my Love for you is beyond what human beings could ever describe. It is pure and genuine; I Love you like a brother and you are one of my bestfriends; I wish you nothing but the best. May the Lord’s favour always be upon you and those you Love. Happy Birthday Bob! LOVE YOU LONGTIME,” read Lillian’s birthday post.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

The fan, Makori Malema was however, forced to eat a humble pie and apologized to the TV news anchor.

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