Kikulacho Ki Nguoni Mwako! Ndichu Brothers Now Dating One Of Their Wives’ Best Friend

Janet Mbugua’s estranged husband Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu are having a fling with a makeup artist who is a friend to one of their wives.

Janet and Eddie parted ways six years after they got married in a colorful wedding ceremony held at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri county.

Paul Ndichu’s marriage to Evaline Momanyi also seems to be on the rocks following the October 2021 drama at Ole Sereni hotel where the twins were caught seducing young girls.

Ndichu brothers with their estranged wives Janet Mbugua and Evaline Momanyi
Ndichu brothers with their estranged wives Janet Mbugua and Evaline Momanyi

The twins were embroiled in an ugly altercation with the girls after they turned down their romantic advances.

A waitress at Ole Sereni hotel told blogger Edgar Obare that Ndichu brothers booked a two-bedroom suite at the facility and checked in while in company of four women.

October drama at Ole Sereni aside, Ndichu brothers are at it again… This past weekend they were enjoying themselves with popular makeup artist Karsha who happens to be a friend to Paul’s wife Momanyi.

Karsha was seen in a tight embrace with one of the Ndichu brothers as they drove to an unknown weekend getaway.

An informant who blew the lid off Karsha and Ndichu brothers’ fling told Obare that the makeup artist was a close friend of Paul’s wife and that she also did her makeup during her ruracio.

Paul married Momanyi on May 12th 2017, they are are blessed with a daughter together. He was previously married to Grace Msalame whom he has twin daughters with.

Eddie and Paul are now ‘free agents’, smashing women as they go. Some people speculated that they ‘shared’ their new meal Karsha.

The informant showed how Karsha and Momanyi were tight, commenting on each others Instagram posts kumbe kikulacho ki nguoni mwako na fimbo ya karibu ndo huuwa nyoka.

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