Pastor Migwi-Kenyatta’s sh 500B project reason for Kariobangi demolitions

Godfrey Migwi, the Controversial televangelist has accused the Kenyatta family of masterminding Kariobangi demolitions to benefit their upcoming Ksh500 billion Northlands City.

In a statement on his social media platforms on Friday, May 8, Migwi alleged that the Kenyatta family ordered the demolitions to provide more land for the project which is expected to span across 11,000 acres.

“Even animals, birds care for their children and other animals, this’s a failed and none caring government. I know the big family is targeting Muranga water and Kariobangi Sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming ultra-modern city project.

Godfrey Migwi
Godfrey Migwi

“But why evict poor people suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, rains and floods then battling with Coronavirus?” Migwi posted.

Pastor Migwi further warned the Kenyatta family that even though they had all the wealth with them, there was no place that they could take it after their demise and they should respect the people.

“This is not the best time to evict anyone. Let us fight Coronavirus first. You cannot tell people to stay at home then you demolish houses for the poor people,” Migwi warned.
Gatundu MP Moses Kuria also hinted at an ultra-modern development complex being behind the evictions.


“I understand that the Kariobangi Sewage evictions are meant to clear the land to set up sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming ultra-modern city project. But for crying out loud, it’s not that the ultra modern city project is being built tomorrow.

“How does one reconcile their conscience to see women and children evicted when they are suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, unforgiving rains and battling with Coronavirus? How does it benefit you to own the whole world and lose your soul? You will burn in hell,” Kuria warned.

Northlands City is one of the family’s most ambitious investments, a project that envisions a real estate haven in Ruiru area, Nairobi.

According to a report by the Business Daily in 2016 when the project was conceived, the first family set out to build a mixed-use development on an 11,000-acre farm currently housing its giant dairy processor, Brookside.

The project is also very strategically placed, being near Kenyatta University on one side, Thika Superhighway, Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

On May 3, 2020, over 8,000 residents of Kariobangi Sewage Estate in Nairobi were left homeless after the government moved to demolish their settlements.

Uhuru Kenyatta speaking
Uhuru Kenyatta speaking

The exercise was overseen by the Ministries of Land and Water in a move to reclaim the land parcel that had been reserved for sewerage facilities.

The affected residents on Friday engaged the police in running battles as they demanded to speak to the president over the demolition issue.

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