Havi Accuses Immigration Officer Of Assaulting Him As He Served Him With Court Order On Miguna’s Case

LSK president Nelson Havi has accused the Director-General, State Department of Interior and Citizen Services, Alexander Muteshi Imbenzi of assaulting him.

The incident is said to have occurred when Havi presented him with a court order that allowed exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna to travel back to Kenya after obtaining emergency travel papers from the Kenyan embassy in Berlin, Germany.

According to Havi, Imbeshi said that the court order will not be obeyed.

“The Director-General, State Department of Interior and Citizen Services, Alexander Muteshi Imbenzi, claims that the High Court Order directing that Miguna Miguna be given a Temporary Travel Document by the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin, Germany for travel to Kenyan will not be obeyed,” Havi tweeted accompanied by a video of a confrontation between and the immigration boss.

Imbenzi was agitated on noticing that he was being recorded and left his desk to reach out for the camera.

He also allegedly claimed that controversial lawyer is not a Kenyan citizen and must once again apply for Kenyan citizenship.

“For him, Miguna Miguna is not a Kenyan citizen and lost Kenyan citizenship upon acquiring a Canadian Passport. Alexander Muteshi Imbenzi claims that Miguna Miguna must re-apply for Kenyan citizenship. He physically assaulted me as I served the Order upon him this morning,” Havi further shared on twitter.

Havi’s followers were however quick to fault him for recording the officer without his consent and here are some of their comments.

Tito Anthony said,”What purpose was the phone recording while serving him? Hii tabia ya kurecord public officials while on duty mtakoma. Chukua film of the office once done go home and come back to the office without a phone. He may be a public official but not a public property.”

“It is illegal to record anyone without his/her consent. You went there to humiliate the public servant in pretense of serving him the order,” Francis Wycliffe wrote.

While George Mimba said, “But why do you go to someone’s office and starts taking photographs? I was shocked that even @MigunaMiguna did the same at the Kenyan embassy in Berlin, Germany. Visitors shouldn’t be allowed to bring in cameras inside an embassy building, whether you are a Kenyan or not.”

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