Government On Spot As Dr Amoth Attends A Burial With 400 People

The government has been accused of preaching water and drinking wine, as Dr. Amoth attends a funeral with more than 400 people. The government has been accused of applying double standards in enforcement of Covid-19 prevention measures.

The public believes that the government is giving preferential treatment to certain politicians and well-connected individuals within the society.

The accusation came after Acting Director-General for the Ministry of Health went to Mukurweini, Nyeri County to represent Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe at the funeral of a retired teacher on Friday.

The government banned all social gatherings and limited the number of mourners attending a funeral service to 15 close family members.

However, the particular funeral went against the regulation put in place by the health ministry right under the watch of the police, leaders, and senior health officials.

Leaders who were at the funeral include Dr. Patric Amoth who represented the Health CS, Mukurweine MP Anthony Kiai, and Nyeri County Assembly Speaker John Kaguchia.

The event was heavily guided by police officers from the National Police Service and the Kenya Forest Service.


Goons were hired to keep at bay journalists who were trying to cover the event. Journalists from NTV; Ole Tenges and Charles Muriithi and their counterparts from the Daily Nation were roughed up by the rowdy youths.

The youths demanded the journalists to delete all the recordings and photos they have taken from the event.

The incident comes barely a week after a widower who traveled from the Coast was forced to spend a night at Tigania Police Station with his wife’s body while other family members who accompanied him to the burial were denied access to the county and forced back to where they came from.

Charles Mwenda was forced by the police to proceed to his wife’s burial at Kianja in Meru County alone after a night of horror.

The same things happened in Mathira, Nyeri County, where an area MCA was forced to cut short his tribute to his deceased wife by the police.

Video Courtesy Of Nairobi News




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