I am not fine-K24’s Eric Njoka reveals over job cuts at Uhuru-owned station

Eric Njoka,the K24 News anchor has said that he is not fine, and will not be okay for some time to come. In a post seen by Sonkonews.com, the TV news anchor thanked all his fans who have been concerned on how he is doing, and that he will continue to smile, despite everything. Njoka added that no one should pray for him, because prayers don’t work.

“Thank you all for your concerns, I am not fine and won’t be for a while but I will make sure to keep smiling. Peace and don’t keep me in any prayers, they don’t work,” read Eric Njoka’s post.

Eric-Njoka in studio
Eric-Njoka in studio

His words came shortly after he went on bitter rants on Instagram Live on Monday and Tuesday nights, as he interacted with his fans.

In the rants, Mr Njoka expressed frustrations from his employer, including not having been paid for the past two months alongside other employees.

He disclosed that a lot has been happening behind closed doors, buts it was time for him to address them without sugarcoating anything.

Eric Njoka smiling
Eric Njoka smiling

“I might have stretched it a little bit and said cruel things about the CEO and the Company and for that I felt there is so much pressure and I’m pained, so I’m not going to apologize for speaking the truth, but I’m going to apologize for is mentioning the head of State, Company CEO, and the rest I stand by it, because the company is frustrating us, it’s frustrating so many people. Some many have families, and if someone is not going to speak for them then, where I go I will regret why I never spoke for them, I did speak for them, because people are real suffering and they can’t speak it out,” said Eric Njoka in the Live.

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