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Edgar Obare Light Internet With Alex Mwakideu Exposure’

Just a few days after exposing comedian cum radio presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, blogger and Youtuber Edger Obare have shifted gears to Jalang’o’s co-host Alex Mwakideu.

Taking to social media, Obare said someone had sent him information that alleges that Alex Mwakideu who is a married has an affair with a lady called Irene Barungi.

In his post, Obare confronted both Milele Presenter and Barungi about the allegations but gave them the right to respond to the accusations.

At the time of writing, neither Barungi nor Mwakideu has responded to the accusations. Either way, the expos’e has taken the social network by storm, and Kenyans cannot stop talking.

Some Kenyans have criticized Obare for breaking other people’s marriages as well as meddling into other people’s relationships and lives while others have lauded him for exposing unfaithful men in their marriages.

Milele FM Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu


Here are some reactions of Kenyans on Twitter;

Pini_Man: Promiscuous people wanaumia sana na hii expose ya Edgar Obare.. wako za why do you care who is having sex with who?…my people acheni Himalaya…Mwakideu and crew ya sympathizers sitachoka kuwaambia muheshimu ndowaa.

Ben Kitili: The thing with Edgar Obare type of expos’es is that it is poorly done journalism. Some-sided stories, half-baked proof, more trolling than truth. Yet he is using that to break homes, defame and maybe make money. is he using spy software? I hope he has ready the cybercrime act.


Alex Mwakideu with his wife Mariam Mwamba and daughter

Kibe: Sisi was kuchukua sheria mikononi we are safe from Edgar Obare. But that nigga is doing a great job, it’s either we respect marriage, or it will treat us abnomaree, if you are not ready for marriage, don’t marry or get married.

El Chapo: We have men and women, but there comes the other gender called “we-men” this includes the likes of Edgar Obare.

Miss_Amiss: Imagine msee anaenda kwa mpango wake wa kando, wanakosana huko, anapelekea bibi take stress triggering high blood pressure/ulcers juu ya hasira zenye ametoa huko. That wife can be your sister, aunty, niece, cousin, etc instead of men condemning cheating, Edgar Obare is the problem.


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