Hamisa informed me before she appeared in AliKiba’s song-Diamond reveals

Diamond Platnumz has disclosed that he was approached by his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto before appearing as a video vixen on AliKiba’s song. The song title Dodo was released on Wednesday, April 8, shocking many fans who thought Hamisa had betrayed her baby daddy.

Diamond Platnumz on Wasafi TV
Diamond Platnumz on Wasafi TV

However, speaking during an Interview with Wasafi radio, the Baba Lao hitmaker revealed Hamisa had informed him of the same. Diamond said she had every right to feature in the video and his nemesis was also free to use any vixen he wanted.

“Ali has every right to use anyone he pleases in his music videos, my fellow parent also has the right to appear in any video she likes,” Diamond said. “Even before shooting the video, she told me Ali Kiba wanted her to appear and was telling me so that I don’t watch it later and think otherwise as it came out,” he added.

Hamisa and AliKiba on the song Dodo
Hamisa and AliKiba on the song Dodo

He said to have given her his blessings. In the controversial music video, Hamisa was dressed like a queen and Ali wore king-like attire to symbolise a celebration of love.

The song got many fans talking with some claiming she had betrayed Diamond and was on Ali Kiba’s side. In a move to keep fans talking, the two were also spotted dirty dancing during a live TV interview days later. During an interview at East Africa TV, were Ali and Hamisa had gone for a music promotion tour, the two did not let the moment pass by.

Diamond Platnumz on Wasafi TV
Diamond Platnumz on Wasafi TV

When the new song came on, they both got up to dance- holding on to each other in romantic gestures. Mobetto wrapped her hands around her baby daddy’s rival as if she was holding on to her man.

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