CCTV Footage Uncovers Faces Of 4 Robbers Who Raided Equity Bank In Kisumu

CCTV footage has solved the puzzle of Equity Bank heist in Kisumu after police failed to arrest robbers involved in the four-hour siege.

What was hyped as a serious security operation with the intention of arresting all the four robbers inside the bank ended in disappointment as they escaped in the watchful eyes of the police.

Speaking to the press after the robbery, Nyanza Regional Commissioner Mugu Mutindika said the robbers disguised themselves as clients in order to avoid arrest.

“We have in our possession a man’s shirt. We suspect that the robbers had a change of clothes and left the banking hall during the evacuation of distressed clients,” the Regional Commissioner said.

Equity Bank Kenya issued a statement after robbers invaded its Kisumu branch situated on Angawa Avenue saying that no money was lost.

CCTV footage released by the bank show that robbers entered the bank’s hall at around 9am and carried out the robbery at 11am, by throwing tear gas canisters inside the banking hall which caused a commotion.

The footage also showed exactly how the 4-man gang outwitted the highly trained officers who covered all exits in hope of nabbing them.

The robbers were seen on CCTV changing their clothes before they got out of the bank with the other customers and disappeared.

The faces of the four robbers involved in the November 23rd heist at Equity Bank in Kisumu were captured on the CCTV footage.

Police are now using the CCTV footage from the bank to hunt the four robbers who slipped past them during the seige.

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