You will burn in hell - Moses Kuria says after heartless Kariobangi evictions

You will burn in hell – Moses Kuria says after heartless Kariobangi evictions


Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South MP on Thursday evening, May 7, poked holes at the reasoning behind the eviction of over 7,000 families in Karobangi that left them homeless.

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In a statement on Facebook, the MP argued that the demolitions could have waited until the Coronavirus pandemic in the country was contained.

“I understand that the Kariobangi Sewage evictions are meant to clear the land to set up sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming ultra-modern city project.

The Karioabangi South residents
The Kariobangi South residents

“But for crying out loud it’s not that the Ultra Modern City project is being built tomorrow,” Kuria wondered.
Kuria questioned who had authorised the evictions that led to the suffering of women and children, who did not have anywhere else to reside.

“How does one reconcile their conscience to see women and children evicted when they are suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, unforgiving rains and battling with Coronavirus?
“How does it benefit you to own the whole world and lose your soul? You will burn in hell,” Kuria proclaimed.


The Kariobangi demolitions have caused an uproar among many, including Amnesty International, a non-governmental organisation, which asked the government to take full responsibility for the injustices suffered by the over 7,000 families.

“We call upon the Covid-19 fund authority to offer reparations and compensation to the 7,000 families who were forcefully evicted as an act of good faith to alleviate their suffering and prevent the possible spread of the virus through ensuring the vulnerable have adequate shelter and homes to stay home and safe,” read part of the letter.

The Karioabangi South residents
The Karioabangi South residents

On Monday, May 4, over 700 residents from Kariobangi Sewage Estate in Nairobi were left homeless after the government moved to demolish the settlement.

The demolition exercise was overseen by the Ministries of Land and Water in a move to reclaim the land parcel.

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