Brother To Missing Blogger Bogonko Bosire Dies Of Stress

The family of the missing veteran blogger Bogonko Bosire is mourning the sudden demise of their young son.

Joshua Mangwari Bosire, the young brother to Bogonko Bosire reportedly committed suicide after dealing with depression for the longest time possible. The news was confirmed by Kahawa Tungu as narrated to them by a close family member through the phone.

According to Winfred Nyang’anyi Bosire who is the sister to Joshua, he took away his life using a poison. The sister further revealed that the deceased had in the past threatened to committing suicide.

“Joshua was depressed, he was also battling alcoholism which came as a result of Bogonko’s mysterious disappearance,” said Winfred.

Joshua Mangwari lived with his brother Bogonko Bosire at the same residence in South B from 2009 until the veteran blogger mysteriously disappeared in 2013.

Following the disappearance, the deceased was forced to go back to the village in a bid to take care of their sick father.

According to this local publication, Bogonko’s dad is said to have ran into depression and is now schizophrenic after searching for Bogonko in vain. Bogonko’s mum is hypertensive.

The family unsuccessfully called upon the government of Kenya to resume investigations that would unravel what really happened to Bogonko Bosire and who was responsible for his kidnap.

The deceased whose remains are kept at the Molo District Hospital is set to be laid to rest on Thursday, January this week.

In one of the well choreographed plans, the blogger has not been seen for almost 10 years with most accusations being directed to key personalities in the country.

Being an online genius, Bogonko Bosire who was a journalist by profession turned into a blogger to campaign for deputy president William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta in their quest for power in 2013.

On their side, the family stated last year that blogger Dennis Itumbi knew something about the disappearance of their son since they were very close friends with Itumbi from the time they were at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

However, Dennis Itumbi in a rebuttal claimed that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Bogonko Bosire. He added that perhaps he had died.

Dennis Itumbi argued that the fellow blogger might have been felled by terrorist’s bullets by virtue that his blog Jackal News did not report the incident. 68 people died in the attack.

“Then Westgate happened. We could not understand how Jackal could be silent on such a major issue and our friend was nowhere to be seen. Our friend was nowhere to be seen,” said Itumbi.

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