Bill Arocho Led Security Save Raila From Hired Goons Chanting Ruto In Runyenjes

A few hired goons from Runyenjes were on Tuesday evening clobbered by the hawk eyed security officers led by Bill Arocho as they tried to attack opposition leader Raila Odinga’s motorcade.

The visibly angry goons chanting Ruto/UDA almost blocked the huge motorcade for Raila Odinga but their goonship was short lived after the men in black took over to quell the situation.

According to top sources which spoke to Sonko News, the rally was peaceful until a group of machete wielding goons stormed the meeting with an intention of bringing everything to a standstill.

However, the goons were not only outsmarted by the Raila security but were also dismissed in minutes, prompting the meeting to go on well as planned.

“Why plan chaos then when the security agencies respond you start complaining? Such hired goons ought to have stayed home instead of storming someone’s rally with a wrong perception that they had a monopoly of violence. Now you will spend money to treat your wounds due to your stupidity. Next time stay home or else get ready to be clobbered further.” Said one David Kipkorir in the comment section.

The opposition leader Raila Odinga is in Meru county to popularize his Azimio La Umoja campaign as he prepares to declare his 2022 presidential elections.

While at Runyenjes, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader maintained that all youths must be given meaningful jobs after they complete their education as opposed to just being offered wheelbarrows.

“Hi ni ya vijana, tunataka viajana wawe empowered. Tumesema tunataka kila mtoto ambaye anazaliwa kwa nchi yetu kwanzia nursery, primary, secondary, mpaka chuo kikuu awe na nafasi  sawa. Na akimaliza elimu aje na apate kazi sawa sawa. Tunataka vijana wetu wafundishwe mambo ya  ufundi, ya ICT, ya electronics, ya mechanics, mambo ya useremala, mambo ya wasshi ili waweze kupata kazi sawasawa.

Raila also said that his government will establish a national youth commission so that it caters for the welfare of the youths both in the short terms and long term.

“Wale ambao wanataka kuanzisha biashara yao wapewe mkopo na serikali. Tutaanza wizara ya vijana na vilevile tutakuwa na almashauri ya mambo ya vijana ya kikatiba, national youth commission.

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