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After God, Satan and Women Fear Luos… Luos Trolled Online After Police Fiasco In Kisumu

The burial ceremony of the late ohangla musician, Abeny Jachiga saw a battle between the police officer and area resident, something that has caused discussion online as people question the character of the Luo community.

At the burial, the Kisumu residents refused the body of the musician would not be buried just a day after he passed. This caused a problem between them and the police.

From the video, we have seen, the residents gave the police a hard time, at a given point, the police even gave up trying to control the mourners and were seen fleeing the scene.

The after the mourners filled the grave which was the musician was supposed to be laid to rest with music instruments and took the body back to the morgue after they overpowering the police.

The courage the Kisumu residents showed during the burial has been criticized as well as applauded at the same measure.

People from the lakeside are however known for their daring and arrogance nature. This has been demonstrated in the post during the post-election violence and the previous political rallies.

From the video, SonkoNews established, a lady is hard laughing at how courageous and scheming Luo people are and lauding them for their great effort in overpowering the police.

An Amature Video

“Luos are courageous… Can’t imagine they have made the police officers run for their lives … The police want us to Burry like those from Siaya, how how?” The woman laughed.

Some took to twitter to discuss what was witnessed in Kisumu county. Here are some of the comments.

“After God, Satan and women fear Luos. A teacher in Mandera is safe compared to a police officer in Kisumu,” one DCI Kenya said

Another Twitter user said – @WaruiJohn2: I wonder why rich people don’t fall in church during deliverance! Are demons only meant for poor people? Luos, Kenya police, Amerix, and Meru.

Others like the NRM self-imposed general Dr. Miguna Miguna who also hails from the region took the political twist of the event that unfolded burial to attack the government and his political enemies.

“SALUTE to the gallant Kisumu youths fro teaching Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and his #coronanation a lesson. All patriotic Kenyans have to DEFY and RESIST all autocratic decrees. Rest in Peace A Benny Jachiga,” Dr. Miguna Miguna wrote on his Twitter wall.



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