Senator Ledama warns Orengo-I am a wrong number to mess with

Ledama ole Kina, the Narok Senator blasted his Siaya counterpart James Orengo for opposing his appointment as chairperson to the Senate County Public and Accounts Investment Committee.

This is after a letter purported to be written by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party threatening to boycott a Senate committee after Olekina was elected its chair.


The letter threatened that ODM would withdraw its membership from the County Public Accounts and Investments Committee shortly after Olekina’s win.
“We intend to withdraw our membership from the said committee until an appropriate resolution can be made,” Orengo said.

Ledama calls out ODM

Senator Ole Kina posted the letter and blasted his party for not respecting democracy.

“Raila Odinga is on the record stating that his election has been stollen & I supported him. I was nearly killed in the last Resist Movement,” the Narok Senator lamented.

Narok County Senator Ledama Ole Kina./File
Narok County Senator Ledama Ole Kina./File

“Now what exactly does this letter mean? Orengo James are they trying to steal my chair position! No way! I am the wrong number to mess with,” he continued.

Senator Ole Kina trounced his opponent Sam Ongeri.

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