Woman chops off dad’s manhood with knife after accusing him of rape

A Thai woman reportedly chopped off her dad’s manhood after confronting him over two decades of alleged sexual abuse.

The Daily Star reports that Boonyada Chanchuang, 29, was allegedly molested by dad Kasem Bunyachon, 58, from the age of 10 – but finally snapped and stabbed him to death before slicing his genitals off with a bread knife.

She was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, after cops found CCTV footage of her dumping the bloody knife in a supermarket bin.

Speaking as she was hauled into a local police station, she told local reporters: “I slept well last night and I want those in the child prostitution business to be punished.

“Covering evidence turns good guys bad.”

Cops claim they have been unable to get a coherent witness statement from her.

Boonyada’s mum told cops that her daughter was in Bunyachon’s care for three years from the age of 10 when she visited the police station to collect the victim’s body, reports the Bangkok Post.

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She described her ex-husband as “violent” and accused him of “immensely hurting” Boonyada as a child.

She told how the abuse sent Boonyada spiralling into drug and alcohol addiction – saying her mind was “broken” by substance abuse.

She added: “She is the daughter of the offender. No mother can bear it.”

Boonyada was initially admitted to the Srithanya mental hospital before docs said she was sane enough to face prosecution.

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