Ferdinand Waititu promises to pay bail for fellow remandees

Waititu being escorted by cops
Waititu being escorted by cops

Ferdinand Waititu has been a guest of the state the past few days. The reason? He hadn’t been able to raise the Ksh 15 million bail that the courts put in place.

The governor seems to have seen the plight of his fellow remandees that he has been sharing a cell with and has promised to pay their fees once he is released. The Kiambu governor who has spent 4 nights in Industrial Area Prison.

Waititu in the docks
Waititu in the docks

Karungo Wa Thang’wa, Kiambu CEC for Youth, Sports and Communications spoke to Kenyans.co.ke and disclosed that he had gone to visit the embattled governor in prison. He said;

He promised to pay bail for those that he shared a cell with once he is out. Some couldn’t raise Ksh 5,000 or Ksh 10,000 thus spending months at the prison.


He added that the governor was doing well and interacting with the prisoners, some of whom were from Kiambu County.

The CEC added that Waititu was expected to make bail on Thursday. On Wednesday, the governor was handed two more days in remand after failing to raise the requisite Ksh15 million cash bail.

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However, his wife, Susan Wangari Ndung’u, who spent the night at Lang’ata Women’s Prison, was freed after she posted Ksh4 million bail.

Waititu with his wife
Waititu with his wife at a past event

Reports reaching us state that the governor has now been able to raise the Ksh 15 million bail and will be released shortly.

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