Trump No-show: President Holed Up In The White House Making No Public Appearance


  • Attention loving Donald Trump has all over sudden become camera shy opting to spend more time in the White House.
  • Trump has been holed up in the White House for two weeks, rarely attending any public function.
  • Trump appears to send more time on Twitter making baseless allegation of vote fraud.

Donald Trump is holed up in the white as he continues to process emotional scars of losing to a candidate he repeatedly said during campaign was an unworthy opponent.

Trump’s days of relative seclusion after the election stand in stark contrast to what he was doing before November 3rd election.

The president is rarely seen in public nowadays, he has has been holed up for two weeks in the White House.

Trump first public function after suffering a humiliating defeat to Biden was on November 11th, when he visited Arlington National Cemetery for a somber ceremony commemorating Veterans Day alongside first lady Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. He did not speak at the event.


Trump has shown little interest in the work of being President, he has made few efforts to show the American people he is still governing.

The president is said to spend much of his time at the White House with his legal team as he still mounts a fierce battle to remain in office and refuses to concede defeat to Biden.

He again made no public appearances on Thursday, skipping the first coronavirus task force briefing at the White House in more than six months.

The president seem to find solace in golf, he takes weekend trips to his golf course in Virginia to play his favorite sport.

It should be noted that Trump was also informed about Biden win while he was out playing golf in Virginia.

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