The Cruel Murder Of Athi River Children Linked To Cult Practice By Parents

The parents of the two children that were found dead in a car at Athi River Police Station after missing for three weeks are among the chief suspects identified by the authorities.

Sleuth form the Directorate of Criminal Investigation visited the scene of crime twice and questioned various people, including a laborer who works at the police station who said he had seen the two children in the yard.

DCI officers are said to be closely following leads that link the disappearance of the two children to one of the families.

According to sources suspect that the parents could be linked to the cult and might have been involved in the crime based on two strange things the police officers found on the bodies of the children.

The police noted the strange manner in which the children’s bodies were arranged at the back seat of the car and the fact that the boy was found naked and his clothes were missing.

Initial investigation shows that the death of the two children could be linked to occult practice, something that has made DCI detectives focus on the parents they could have planned the killings.


Sources say that the parents could have sacrificed the children to garner riches and might have offered their children and any other.

“There is crucial information which makes detectives believe the couple has a case to answer. From preliminary investigations into the cruel death, the incident might not have just been cruelty but a heinous act targeting a beneficial outcome,” said the source.

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