Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Miss Uhuru's Meeting,Tuju warns

Stern Action Will Be Taken Against Those Who Miss Uhuru’s Meeting, Tuju Warns

Raphael Tuju

Jubilee Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju has warned Ruto’s allies against skipping Parliamentary Group Meeting scheduled for next week.

Speaking to the press at Jubilee’s party headquarter, Tuju said the party will render punishment to any legislator who misses the scheduled meeting chaired by the party leader – President Uhuru Kenyatta 

” We are not going to be merciful in matters party discipline. I want to make it clear that the party’s constitution must be adhered to.

In the past, we have been lenient to our members, some even using the party’s stationery without authority. We shall not allow such an abnormality. We will take disciplinary action without hesitation,” Tuju said. 

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju left and chairman Nelson Dzuya at the party headquarters on July-22-2018

While addressing the media along with party chairman Nelson Dzuya and Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata, Tuju retaliated that whatever action is taken follow due process.

Tuju also threatens to crack the whip on Deputy President William Ruto and his allies for defying and contradicting the party’s position which mounted to indiscipline.

“We have one country, one president, one party leader; discipline with the party is authentic. If we have a dysfunctional part, we will have a dysfunctional government and we cannot allow that,” The party secretary-general said.


Tuju’s statement on party discipline was supported by party chairman who said they will take back the party’s discipline and all elected members must adhere.

“We will return discipline to the party. All leaders elected on the party ticket must toe the line. Going forward, we will not tolerate any shenanigans,” chairman Nelson Dzuya said.

Tuju accused Tanga Tanga politicians of betrayal and going against the party’s guidelines. He added that MPs which contesting for elective positions, they swore in their respective contracts to support the party and they should hang on the party goodwill to get elected to their current seats.


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