A Piece Of Jesus’ Cross And Other Interesting Things About Queen Elizabeth’s Final Resting Place

The longest serving British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest this Monday September 19  at the St. George’s Chapel, in Windsor Castle where majority of the Royal family members have been buried.

The Queen died at the age of 96 years at Balmoral palace in Scotland on September 8. Her body will be transferred to Windsor castle after her funeral service that will be held in Westminster Abbey.

She is expected to be buried beside her husband Prince Philip who also died peacefully in 2021 and his body stored in the Royal Vault, in the chapel,  so that he could be buried together with his wife. Her father King George VI, mother Queen Elizabeth and sister princess Margaret were also buried there.

24 members of the Royal family as well as 40 monarchs of the British Kingdom have  been laid to rest in the chapel.

The chapel serves as the Royal family’s venue for events such as funerals and weddings as well as other important family occasions. In 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding was conducted there and in 2021, the funeral of the Queen’s husband(Philip) was held at the same place.

The construction of St. Georges Chapel began in 1475 during the reign of King Edward IV. It was completed in 1528 under King Henry VII and it is 72 meters long .

It is said to contain a cross gneth, a piece of wood from the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on,  and a sword that King Edward III used in war.

The chapel is open to the public for a number of days every week. Members of the public who wish to pay their last respect to the Queen can do so once her burial is concluded.

Windsor Castle was the Queen’s favorite home and she lived there for decades with her husband. She however also loved Balmoral palace where she breathed her last.

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