Spanish Footballer Receives Death Threats For Protesting Tribute To Diego Maradona


  • Female footballer irked Maradona's fans after protesting a tribute to the late football legend.
  • The footballer sat on the pitch with her back turned during moment of silence for Maradona.
  • Footballer says she has been receiving death threat messages since boycotting Maradona's tribute.

A female footballer who protested a tribute to the late football legend Diego Maradona has received death threats.

Paula Dapena, a midfielder for Spanish side Viajes Interrías FF, sat on the pitch with her back turned as the rest of her team stood up during a moment of silence for Maradona before Saturday’s match.

The 24-year-old footballer considered Maradona to be a pretty horrible person, because of allegation of domestic violence.

The late Argentine football star was in 2014 accused of domestic violence, but he had adamantly denied ever striking a woman in his life.


Paula was irked by the league’s decision not to hold a moment of silence for victims of domestic violence, while holding one for a man accused of the same crime.

Three days prior to the Saturday game – Wednesday November 25th, was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“It [Maradona’s death] totally overshadowed that day. We went from putting the spotlight on the death of women due to this cause to talking only about Maradona and what an idol he was for everyone. For me, from a football standpoint, Maradona had spectacular skills and qualities. But as a person, he left a lot not to be desired,” Paula Dapena told AS.

The 24-year-old footballer called old local media she felt it was “hypocritical” to honor Maradona when the league refused to honor victims of domestic abuse.

Paula also revealed that her decision to sit on the pitch with her back turned during a moment of silence for Maradona has earned her enemies who now threatens her life.

“It’s not just me that has been harassed on social media but also my teammates. We have also received death threats and messages such as ‘I’m going to find your home address and go there and break your legs.'” Paula Dapena told AS.

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