South African socialite confirms romantic relationship with Zari’s alleged boyfriend


A few weeks ago Zari Hassan introduces her new man on social media; only to turn out that he is actually gay.


The fella (Cedric) who became the envy of most men for ‘dating’ Zari Hassan is not actually seeing the mother of 5. This was confirmed by his boyfriend (Lasizwe) who shared a new post leaving many talking.

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From Lasizwe’s caption, it is evident to see that indeed he is in a serious relationship with Cedric; and will not be hiding this from the online family.

Zari’s alleged boyfriend with his actual boyfriend

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The two are apparently popular in South Africa thanks to Lasizwe’s reality show. It is unclear to whether they already have a family together but chances are that these two have been together for a while now.

Anyway with this out, it’s unclear as to how Zari’s PR team will work around this to prove that Zari’s online life is not fake.

Zari Hassan posing
Zari Hassan posing

Well this won’t be the first time Zari Hassan is caught lying about her King Bae. Last time fans confirmed that she had been dating her manager who happens to have a wife and kids.

Not quite sure what Miss Zari’s excuse will be this time around; but seeing her try to so hard to avoid being single proves that things out here are harder than most people in relationships think.

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