Shock as appeals court Judge Kantai arrested over Cohen murder

Judge Sankale ole Kantai

Sankale ole Kantai, a Court of appeal judge has been arrested in links with the murder of Dutch Businessman Tob Cohen.

Judge Sankale was arrested on Friday. Kantai is currently at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices in Kiambu county.

Cohen went missing in July, 2019 and the police found his body in an empty water tank in his home compound on September 13. It was a brutal murder.

Cohen and Sarah
Cohen and Sarah in a file photo

Cohen’s widow, Sarah wairimu had been detained in connection with the murder but was later released on bail.

As the case continues, the Judge has been accused of not only giving the suspect advice but also helping her to craft reports to the police.

Sarah Cohen demands Sh500 million from DCI and DPP

According to the Nation, the suspect had reached out to him, hoping to get some advice in case she was caught or implicated in the case.

The judge who was in Kisumu attending a workshop not only paid for the suspect’s ticket to Kisumu but also kept speaking to her.

“Good morning. Driver left five minutes ago. He is coming for you,” the judge wrote.

“OK love,” she replied as quoted by the Nation.

Phillip Murgor with his client
Phillip Murgor with his client, Sarah Cohen in court

Sex, violence and property were at the heart of the divorce between Cohen and his wife Sarah.

The court papers painted a picture of marriage with sky-high hostilities, one that was irretrievably ruptured and had become conjugally nonexistent.

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