Echesa-Ruto is my friend… I don’t even need an appointment to see him

William Ruto with Rashid Echesa

Rashid Echesa, the embattled former Cabinet Secretary, on Tuesday night, February 18, opened up on his meeting at Deputy President William Ruto’s office.

Speaking to NTV from his palatial home in Karen, Nairobi, Echesa made it clear that visiting DP Ruto’s office was not a crime, adding that the two were close friends who did not need formal channels to meet.

“The deputy president is my friend. We’ve been friends for a very long time. I don’t even need an appointment to see the DP,” he emphasised.

William Ruto with Rashid Echesa
William Ruto with Rashid Echesa

He then went on to deny having had any dealings with American businessman Stanley Kozlowski – the man he is alleged to have swindled.

In one of the charges, the prosecution, which was led by state counsel Jacinta Nyamosi, claimed that Echesa presented himself to Stanley and Mamdouh Mostafa Lofty as a personal assistant of the deputy president in a bid to convince the businessmen to enter into a gun supply agreement.

“Between October 2 and February 13, 2020, the accused attempted to obtain Ksh39.5 billion from Bruno by falsely pretending that he would be awarded a tender by the State Department of Defence to supply military equipment,” read part of the charge sheet.

Echesa inspecting the equipment in the file photo

However, in his rebuttal, the former Sports CS claimed that the American was in Kenya on a tourist visa and didn’t have a work permit to enable him to transact any form of business in the first place.

“Stan has been my friend for the last six years. Stan’s mother knows me as his friend. My mother knows Stan, my family knows him as well,” he stated.

Ruto allegedly calls for emergency meeting after Echesa scandal

I have never known that Stan has been doing business around here because to my understanding, I knew he did not have a working permit,” he further added.


Echesa categorically denied having received any payment from the American, daring anyone who had evidence of the contrary to come forward.

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