President Uhuru Orders Probe On Teenage Pregnancies, Gender-Based Violence

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday expressed his concern and sounded the alarm on the increasing cases of Gender-Based Violence and Instances of teen pregnancies.

Speaking at Harambee House where he announced new COVID-19 regulations, the President ordered an immediate probe into the issues saying the perpetrators would face the full extent of the law.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Speaking At Harambee House Giving New Measures The Country Will Take During The Fight Against Coronavirus On Monday 6th July

President Uhuru, therefore, appealed to social and religious institutions to exercise their civic responsibility to bring the vices to an end.

“I am concerned about the increasing tensions with our homes. Cases of Gender-Based Violence have increased, mental health issues have worsened, and instances of teenage pregnancy have escalated,” President Uhuru said.

The president urged his citizens to always keep in mind that the family is a projection of the State and if it is under attack then the state is also under attack.


President, therefore, directed the National Crime Research, Center to investigate the increasing cases of Gender-Based Violence, the worrying trend of cases where young girls being disempowered, and the violations of children’s rights.

“In that regard, the Center is further directed to prepared an advisory to our security agencies on remedial action within 30 days from the date hereof and initiate immediate prosecution of all violators,” the president added.


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