PLO Mulumba says Ruto will embarass Raila in 2022

  • PLO Lumumba wants the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop running for the 2022 Presidential seat
  • PLO Lumumba says DP Ruto will triumph over Raila come 2022
  • The constitutional lawyer says Raila Odinga should be like Martin Luther King Jnr. by changing the world without being the President

PLO Lumumba says the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga is going to be embarrassed in the upcoming general elections come 2022.

The constitutional lawyer, Professor PLO Lumumba, stands on his statement that the Deputy President, William Ruto becoming the next President of the Republic.

Taking to social media, Lumumba advised Raila Odinga to not vie for the upcoming general elections in 2022 and urged him to be a selfless leader.

Lumumba wants Raila Odinga to be like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King who changed the world without the government.

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Raila Odinga has vied for the presidency after failing to clinch the seat in 1997, 2013, 2017, and 2017.

“Mzee Raila Odinga, I once beseech you, don’t seek the presidency in Kenya. Think like Mahatma Gandthi and Martin Luther King Jnr.” PLO Lumumba said, “Don’t listen to your usual advisors. Africa is bigger,”

Raila Odinga hasn’t made it official that he’ll be vying for the upcoming general election come 2022.

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