Pastor Mboro wants to fight Coronavirus demon in hell for a $100,000 fee

Pastor Mboro real name Paseka Motsoeneng is more than ready to go fight the Coronavirus demon straight in hell and he’s more than sure that he will defeat the demon bringing peace and stabalisation to the world.

What Pastor Mboro asks for in return is just a fee of $100,000 to cater to his transport that will take him there[hell] to fight with the virus head-on.

The controversial pastor who usually asks his congregants some weird stuff to do in the recent past said that he is more than sure that he will defeat the demon that is Coronavirus, COVID_19 that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide.

“I am ready to save mankind, ” Pastor Mboro said, “I have seen a vision of how the Coronavirus demon looks like and I will defeat it,”

Pastor Mboro who shared in recent past that he has been to heaven and back iterated the importance of the world coming together to give him the sum that he’s asking so that he can fight the deadly virus in hell because the world allegedly doesn’t know that they are fighting a spiritual war with the COVID-19, and he is willing to have the burden of slaying the Coronvirus demon in hell if the $100,000 fee is confirmed in his bank account.

“There is no need for worry and expensive research, the real problem is the demon causing this disease and I am ready to kill it once and for all,” Pastor Mboro said.

The money that Pastor Mboro asked for should not be disbursed after the second week of April 2020 because by then he would not be ready to go fight the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

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